Has your child been arrested for a cyber sex offense?


Has your teen (or young adult) crossed legal boundaries on the internet? Has he been arrested for downloading child pornography? Now that internet pornography is being aggressively marketed to youth to create life time customers, children and teens are finding their way into areas of cyber space where they can easily download sexually explicit images and videos of children. Naive and lonely teens may also cross legal boundaries by soliciting a sexual relationship with minor who is a decoy for law enforcement in an internet chat room.

Due to easy and open access to the internet, there is a new generation of children and teens who are watching hard core porn --  such as porn depicting fetishes, incest, bestiality, rape and bondage -- and as a result are experiencing sexual trauma. Cyber sexual trauma has many negative consequences for youth, one of which is "re-enactment" behaviors or the re-viewing of porn. Many children and teens become preoccupied by perverse and destructive sexual behavior accessed on the internet and cannot stop watching - regardless of the negative consequences.

Law enforcement is not making a distinction between a pedophile and a teen (or young adult) who is viewing child pornography as a result of cyber sexual trauma. As such, state and federal agencies are seeking severe punishments, including jail and sex registration status. 

In response to this reaction by law enforcement, I have written forensic reports that explain the relationship between cyber sexual abuse and sexual offending behaviors. Due to my work in educating law enforcement and district attorneys, I have been able -- with the collaboration of criminal defense attorneys skilled in defending sex crimes -- to get mental health treatment as a consequence for internet sex crimes rather jail and sex registration.

Here is a link to report I recently completed for a young man accused of a child pornography related sex crime:  FORENSIC REPORT

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