Is your child or teen addicted to the internet, online pornography, and/or video games?

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Our Mission

Christopher Mulligan LCSW created The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center in Los Angeles to address the unique mental health needs of children and teens whose lives have been taken over by internet addiction, video and online gaming, online pornography, and compulsive smart phone use (texting/sexting, games, etc.). 

How we help?

We help by using an innovative combination of individual, group, and family therapy at our recovery center located in Los Angeles or nationwide, via our online sessions. We can break the destructive cycle of internet, video game, and online pornography addiction and help children and teens achieve their full social, emotional, and academic potential.

Family involvement is an essential part of helping a child or teen who has developed a problematic relationship with technology. The Cyber Addiction Recovery Center provides intensive parent training in order to help parents decrease their child/teen's dependence on technology while building a healthy and meaningful offline life. The key to successful treatment for technology overuse is not blocking access to technology  - as that is impossible in 2018 - but to develop a productive and sustainable relationship to technology.